Родники Белогорья - Rodniki BelogorjaEcological patrimonial estates in the Belgorod areaRodniki.bel.ru. Patrimonial ecological settlements (ecovillages) in the Belgorod area. Russia
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The arms and symbols of the Belgorod area

  Idea of patrimonial estates Idea
About idea, the Situation in areas, our problems, the Organization "Springs (Rodniki) Belogorja"
  Settlement ecological Settlement (eco-village) Ecovillage, Belgorod region, Russia
About settlements, Farm Gremjachy, Farm Vasilev, Ustinka, Other settlements, Experience
  Site - the Patrimonial estate A site
Lay-out, Trees and bushes, Green hedge, Vegetables and grasses, Beekeeping, Fauna, the Reservoir, Wreckers and illnesses, Agriculture
  The house The house
The concept ekodoma (eco-house), the Choice of a place, Projects, the Base, Walls, the Roof, Warmed houses, Water supply, Electromaintenance, Recycling of waste products, "Refrigerator"
  Life A life
Hygiene, a Feed (food), Clothes and bed, Ceremonies, to Businessmen, Ecology of the person, Formation and education

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